Our Programs & Services

The Tallgrass Network mission is to assist our region’s farmers, ranchers and natural resource managers succeed at the practice of regenerative agriculture, and to create lives of enduring returns for their families and future generations. Ultimately, "carbon farming" can regenerate our soils, air, and water, along with our families, communities and economies.

Holistic Management is a proven framework that helps you bring the many pieces and day-to-day decisions together into a manageable plan for regeneration. We seek to bring land managers together on this shared journey, by providing opportunities for networking, education, training and ongoing support. We also help landowners and advocates connect to regional and global stewardship transition resources.


Explore learning opportunities

A natural place to start in regenerative agriculture is to access our communications channels and many (free) opportunities to learn about Holistic Management and regenerative agriculture:

  • Sign up for our emails and follow us on social media to receive the most current information
  • Farmer sharing events and public open houses
  • Introductory course days
  • Holistic Management textbook, forms, online courses and other resources, through the Savory Institute
  • Appearances around the region at partner events -- please watch our calendar!

Practice and experience Holistic Management

As you gain more familiarity with regenerative agriculture's many facets, you will benefit from accessing as many opportunities as possible to learn from and with others, and to practice Holistic decision-making in your own home, work and natural resource settings. In addition to the above, we offer a variety of options across price points and skill levels:

  • Savory Institute official workshops and accreditation
  • Learning circles and sharing events
  • Annual Tallgrass Network event
  • Personal consulting services
  • Field days and Summer schools on topics of interest for our region.

GROW YOUR CAREER with natural resource management

As more organizations and individuals worldwide understand the critical role of carbon farming in climate change mitigation and natural resource management, career opportunities are becoming more prevalent and diverse. And, as more landowners in our region and around the world seek to transition their resources, the need for service-providers and managers trained in Holistic Management is growing. How we can help:

  • Become a Savory accredited professional or Champion
  • Learn about our work study, internship and apprenticeship programs
  • Apply to our management training program
  • Learn more about public policy, business and organizational applications
  • Connect with our network and the global Savory Network for opportunities.

Transition your land to NEW STEWARDSHIP

Whether you become a Holistic practitioner and transition your own management, or are a landowner seeking to transition its stewardship with the help of others, we offer a number of services to assist in the large-scale transition of our region's landbase over a short number of years, in fulfillment of the Savory Institute mission to regenerate a billion hectares worldwide.

  • Subscribe to the Savory Land Management Platform for online record-keeping
  • Join the Land to Market program to enjoy future marketing premiums and connect with global buyers (to launch in 2018)
  • Inquire about opportunities with Tallgrass Network marketing partners to put your products in front of area customers and purchasers
  • Inquire about Tallgrass Network contractual land management services and partnerships
  • Join our Land Match program to explore options for matching your land with future young stewards for a long-term transition partnership.


Even if you are not a farmer or rancher, you can still take local action with the Tallgrass Network and join a growing global Savory Network of partners to advance rapid paradigm change toward climate change mitigation and healthy communities. How you can be a part of this exciting movement:

  • Become a Champion Advocate by completing a course of self-study
  • Support our Tallgrass Network producers and participate in our Network activities: Volunteer to help monitor ecology; attend our open houses and annual events
  • Provide scholarships for new stewards entering our management training program
  • Learn more about Holistic Management applications for your family, organization, business and community
  • Support the global programs and services of the Savory Institute, travel to annual conferences with the Tallgrass Network, and enjoy Savory Journeys tours.


Holistic Management is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it is a strategic approach and flexible paradigm for accessing the many opportunities in regenerative agriculture, and utilizing them successfully to create your life of enduring returns -- whatever your goals and however you may define that life.

Whether you take the journey in small steps or large leaps, the promise of Holistic Management is personal empowerment, self-determination and lifelong reward. Join us!