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Because people range from self-directed learners to preferring one-on-one intensive instruction – and everywhere in between – we offer a range of opportunities to engage with regenerative agriculture. We utilize the organizing framework of Holistic Management, which empowers you to choose freely from among many tools and tactics available, plug them into a plan of your own life design, closely monitor and control results, apply scientific rigor in feedback loops, and continually grow your wealth and future resource base.

We firmly believe that this is a paradigm well worth the value of its cost for full training, and that it pays for itself time and again as it is implemented. We also believe, however, that finances should not be an obstacle to getting started or learning the paradigm. Many practitioners eventually find that in-person workshops are key, but there's no right way to learn. Start your journey here!



  • Communication channels: As we schedule events, provide information, post stories to our blog, and more, we share the information across several platforms. See our Contact page or click the button below to sign-up for email and link to social media.
  • Annual events: Each year, usually in the fall, we partner with the Savory Institute to host an event in our region, and travel to the Savory Global event. These are amazing opportunities to re-connect with others and with the greater regenerative agriculture movement. Receive notices of upcoming events when you sign-up for email and social media.


When you stay connected through the channels above, we will send notices as the following events are scheduled:

  • Free "First Saturdays" open houses -- Join us for morning impromptu farmer sharing and support, potluck lunch, and afternoon public open house with site visit, on-farm shopping, farmer q&a, and refreshments. Please email juliem@tallgrassnetwork.com if you are a farmer or rancher who would like to host a site visit!
  • Introductory days, field days, workshops and schools, including Savory Institute accreditation workshops and programs focused on special topics of interest
  • Find us from time to time at partner events around the region. If you would like to invite us to attend your group or event, please email juliem@tallgrassnetwork.com.

resources for self-study

The following are available through the Savory Institute. By purchasing through our website link, you are providing funds back to the Tallgrass Network for regional programming, and to the Savory Institute to expand and share resources worldwide.

  • Holistic Management textbook -- latest edition, released Fall 2016 by Allan Savory and Jody Butterfield, with many modifications, updates and streamlining based on field experience of practitioners worldwide
  • Online courses -- providing the Foundations of Holistic Management curriculum, required for professional accreditation or simply a good way to get started in regenerative agriculture or to deepen your knowledge and practice
  • Forms and E-books for implementing Holistic Management -- these materials are also provided when you take a course with us, as is relevant to the course material. E-books replace the workbook that accompanied previous editions of the textbook.