Paths of Learning

There are few wealth-generating expenses that return more to your pocket than education and training for you and your team. Regenerative resource management is an always-evolving, complex agro-ecological approach. The Holistic paradigm helps you bring its many pieces together into a plan that suits your lifestyle, resource base and life goals. Learning is a lifelong journey that you can always start, right where you are.


Materials available through the Savory Institute include the newly revised Holistic Management textbook, forms and e-books that replace the previous workbooks (and that are provided in-person in workshops), and a suite of on-line courses.


Learn with others

The true benefit of the Tallgrass Network comes through the many opportunities to join others in learning and sharing information. Opportunities range from free networking days and tours to workshops to special field days and learning circles. Consulting and coaching can provide one-on-one support.

For details on consulting, coaching and other services, click on "additional support."

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Gain mastery

Practitioners of regenerative agriculture readily admit that every day is a new day on the learning journey. As landscapes and environments change, new skills are acquired. Mistakes are the biggest teachers. The Tallgrass Network provides ongoing incentives, such as occasional discount coupons for repeat courses, and other opportunities for those who have studied previously with us. In this way we seek to continually grow our learning and support community.