Consulting Packages

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Consulting Packages

from 999.00

Receive targeted assistance and facilitation services, focused on the specific planning processes performed each year, including:

Holistic Context Facilitation and Defining the Whole

Holistic Financial Planning

Holistic Planned Grazing -- Open and Closed seasons

Ecological Monitoring

In addition, facilitation of the Holistic Land Planning process, which is performed once when you and your professional consultant determine that your operation is ready, is available.

Trouble-Shooting and Control/Monitoring packages to help as you implement your plans are also available.


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Process-based consulting packages are designed to provide you with the necessary facilitation and process instruction to assist you in creating your Holistic Plan, and to implement it. This is a great option for an operation that may be short on staff or need the assistance in bringing together large or diverse teams to get on the same page.

Indeed, if you are working with a group or in a challenging family transition situation, facilitation may be a valuable investment to help you through particularly challenging parts of the process. Or, if you are working alone, one-on-one instruction may provide you with much-needed support and help ensure successful outcomes. Either way, assistance with just one or two parts of the process, like Holistic Land Planning, or with part of the process the first time around, like Ecological Monitoring, may be just the help you need.

You may also start with an Initial Site Visit for feedback on what path may be right for you.

Fees are based on daily rates and estimated off-site support time by the consulting professional. Significant travel distance or expenses may incur additional cost.