Training and Assistance in Holistic Management

The goal of the Tallgrass Network is to assist our region’s farmers, ranchers and natural resource managers in the adoption of Holistic Management in the day-to-day operation of their properties. Therefore, we seek to provide the training, education and ongoing support that practitioners need to succeed.

Full Holistic Management Training and Accreditation Courses

The complete, standardized Holistic Management curriculum is offered in localized settings through the international network of Savory Hubs, including the Tallgrass Network. The full Savory curriculum is provided through 13 full days or the equivalent of more than 100 hours of instruction. 


As a result of completion of these courses, practitioners report increased land productivity and grass forage, increased stocking rate, confident decision-making skills, and achievement of their desired financial-ecological-social outcomes. These courses also provide credit toward becoming a Savory Accredited Professional.

We offer the full series of Savory courses several times each year in Kansas and the Tallgrass region:

• Foundations of Holistic Management -- 3 days, or 5 online e-courses

• Building Wealth: Holistic Financial Planning Workshop -- 3 days

• Land & Livestock Management: Holistic Planned Grazing Workshop -- 3 days

• Ecological Monitoring Workshop -- 2 days

• Holistic Land Planning Workshop -- 2 days

Introductory courses

We offer several introductory one-day preview courses that offer an overview of Holistic Management and its key components. Special for 2016: Offer one of these workshops to your group or community at a free or reduced price! Contact us for details and scheduling.

Site tours
Through our courses and occasional tours, we provide opportunities to get out on the land, see Holistic Management in practice, and ask questions of our personnel.

For a complete list of upcoming courses, appearances and events, please see our calendar and courses.

Future programs & services

As the global and regional Networks develop, we will offer additional services and programs, including monitoring, data management platform, consulting and more.


The Savory Institute offers several levels of accreditation in Holistic Management, with benefits available at each level. All accreditations are based upon exit review by Savory Institute personnel and an annual fee. For more information about the accreditation process, see Savory.Global/network.

Savory Champions
A new program for advocates of Holistic Management, requiring completion of a 3 e-course bundle.

Savory Professional Educator
Complete the full training curriculum through an accredited Hub like the Tallgrass Network, and become eligible to attain and maintain accreditation. All educational offerings by SI and its Hubs are provided by accredited personnel. 

Savory Field Professional
Requires achieving the level of Educator and gaining three years’ farm or ranching experience.