Ecological Monitoring Workshop


Ecological Monitoring Workshop


The ability to read your land on a day-to-day basis is the beginning to understanding the results of tools used in the daily management of your land. This 2-day workshop will provide the opportunity for you to understand the fundamentals behind ecological monitoring and to practice reading the land.

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Topics covered will include:

  • When and why to carry out annual Ecological Monitoring
  • Key land health indicators
  • Reading plant forms and identifying species
  • Grazing patterns and what they can tell you
  • Living organisms and community dynamics

Gain the tools needed to make better ecological management decisions over time. Review of Foundations of Holistic Management including the four ecosystem processes and how Holistic Grazing Management produces results. Also receive training on the Savory Platform, a powerful online tool for recording, evaluating and comparing results over time. This is an accreditation-level course for the Savory Institute.