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Our region faces a significant land transfer - transition challenge in the coming years. We seek to provide assistance with land management and to help up-and-coming managers to connect with retiring landowners, for potential long-term transition agreements. Our priority is helping owners and stewards who wish to adopt a regenerative paradigm.

All land transition enrollees who enter agreements with the Tallgrass Network are committed to completing the Savory Institute 5 e-course bundle to learn the Foundations of Holistic Management. After that, your interests, learning and further commitments will evolve as the path for your land becomes more clear. You might proceed with management training yourself, partner with us for manager placement, or work with a manager with whom you have developed a relationship already.

Become a Learning Site

Committed landowners are welcome to join the Tallgrass Network team as a regenerative learning site, serve as a model, and host potential future tours and programs. Start today as a candidate site, by letting us know your interest!


For landowners who may live far away, feel ready to retire, or would simply like to reduce their burdens – while ensuring their land is growing in value through regenerative management – entering a Tallgrass Network land lease agreement may be an option. We pursue traditional leases and "value-added" leases with potential for more landowner engagement – and reward – along the way.


In response to interest by landowners who wish to see their property pass to new, regenerative stewardship while assisting promising young managers – and from new farmers and ranchers who are seeking land with friendly owners to help them get started – we are pioneering a "Land Match" program.

Tell us about your interest

Filling out this form is simply a statement of interest, not commitment. We will contact you to discuss your situation further. Land leases or land matches are considered on a case-by-case basis, as they are dependent on many variables and develop over several years, and every situation is different. 

By understanding more about your situation, we can keep you informed of opportunities and consider future programs and assistance that could help. Feel free to contact us anytime at tallgrassnetwork@gmail.com about the status of our programs, and we will keep you up-to-date as opportunities materialize. Thank you for your interest!

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