Apply to Learn & Work with the Tallgrass Network

Please tell us about yourself and help us find your right fit with the Tallgrass Network and with our global Savory Network partners. We offer opportunities based upon our Hub demonstration site needs and staff availability, and the needs of other Learning Sites and farmers and ranchers in our Network. Positions may be seasonal or long term, and part- or full-time, depending on circumstances. Also please use this form if you are applying for scholarships for educational opportunities.

The work study

A 1- or 2-week immersion experience on our Hub, or other select Hubs in the Savory Network, is a prerequisite for further on-site learning opportunities in the Tallgrass Network. It is a learning experience paid for by the student, with one-on-one attention and instruction by a skilled, trained educator. It is intended to introduce you to our personnel, and for you to learn about our Hub and experience day-to-day hands-on farm and ranch activity, with close supervision and tailored instruction.

It is not expected to provide comprehensive skill, but rather, to provide you with an introduction across the variety of tasks on a working farm or ranch, within the context of regenerative agriculture and specifically Holistic Management. Scholarships may be available; please indicate your level of need on the form below. 


With duration of a season or more, interns are integral to Hub operations. The internship is intended to bring an individual up to workable skill level across many of the day-to-day needs of a working farm or ranch operation. Junior interns learn and practice basic skills in day-to-day chores, plus have the opportunity to help implement specific farm and research projects. Older interns also have the opportunity to gain and apply Holistic Management accreditation training and specialization.  The Work Study or junior internship with our Hub or a comparable experience at another Savory Hub, with recommendation, is required for eligibility for our Internship.


With an open-ended, long-term opportunity to gain supervisory and management experience, apprentices may operate our enterprises, start new enterprises, work closely with mentors in highly specialized farming disciplines, and potentially work into management or land match positions. A successful internship with our Hub or comparable opportunity and recommendation with another Savory Hub, plus accreditation training, is required to be eligible for the Apprenticeship. 

Compensation for intern and apprentice positions is negotiated individually upon offer of position, and considers a combination of room and board, academic credit as arranged with your institution, fair hourly wage, accreditation training, and potential performance bonus or business ownership opportunities. Candidates are responsible for their own travel costs and any transportation for personal business while employed. Candidates are required to provide proof of drivers license and medical insurance. International candidates will also be required to navigate their own country’s and U.S. Visa requirements.

Management Training & Land match Program

Fill out the application below to let us know that you intend to complete the steps toward accreditation and are interested in apprenticeship and management positions utilizing Holistic Management. This includes those who will be managing their own properties. We can keep up with your progress and ensure we are helping you access opportunities that come along and may be a good fit. We can't guarantee placement or other benefits, but will do our best to assist you along the way.

You may contact us at at any time to check on the status of your application. We will keep you posted about plans for bringing new candidates on-board. Thank you for your interest!

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