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Holistic Financial Planning Workshop

  • Princeton, Kansas (map)

Kick your New Year off right by building your whole-farm or -ranch 2018 financial roadmap to manage and grow your business and build wealth.

This 3-day course will provide you with the tools to create, implement and monitor a Holistic business plan for your operation. You will have the opportunity to test possible actions, design or advance enterprises, weigh your options and make decisions as you create a Plan for your whole operation. To register and learn more, visit our Workshops registration page. Please register by Monday, Jan. 8. We will announce location near Princeton, Kansas, upon determination of planned attendance.

Topics covered will include:

  • Aligning your financial decisions with the Holistic Context goals you will set

  • Valuable testing guidelines or “filters” for making better decisions

  • Planning for profit FIRST

  • Enterprise analysis and new-enterprise development planning

  • Management tips and ideas to integrate your plan with reality on the ground

  • A process for tightly monitoring your financials to problem-solve as your plan evolves through the year, and stay on track.

Most of us keep records for tax purposes showing what has already happened in the past. Holistic Financial Planning utilizes a robust decision-making framework to utilize past performance with targeted interventions to plan forward for profit across your whole operation and aligned with your Holistic Context. Some work may still be needed after the course, but you will be well on your way to having a completed business plan for your farm or ranch business by the end of the course. This is an accreditation-level course for the Savory Institute