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Holistic Planned Grazing Workshop

  • Princeton, Kansas (map)

Proper grazing management is a matter of “getting animals to the right place, at the right time, for the right reasons, with the right behavior.” With Holistic Planned Grazing, managers are able to isolate the many factors that create complexity in any farm or ranch environment, and build a plan that provides peace of mind and soil regeneration for any season.

We also cover how to integrate livestock with your crop or hay plans, grazing cover crops, and utilizing livestock to grow soil health in any environment. This 3-day course will provide a comprehensive training in Holistic Planned Grazing. To register and learn more, visit our Workshops registration page. Spaces in course depend on venue size; first-come first-serve.

Topics covered will include:

  • Measuring forage utilization days, growth rates and recovery periods

  • Planning your grazing paddocks and drought reserves

  • Strategies for pests and invasives in the Tallgrass eco-region environment

  • Getting a head start on a plan for winter, nutrition and supplementation needs

  • Integrating livestock and crop planning across your operation

Gain the tools you need to create, monitor and implement your own Holistic Grazing Plan. Some work may be needed after the course to complete your plan, but you will be well on your way by the end of the course. This is an accreditation-level course for the Savory Institute.