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Farm Beginnings Workshop - FARRMS

Tallgrass Network educator Julie Mettenburg will provide a full day workshop on Holistic Decision-Making and Enterprise Analysis as part of the Farm Beginnings Workshop Series in Fargo, North Dakota, on December 2, 2017.

Presented by FARRMS, Foundation for Agricultural and Rural Resource Management and Sustainability, the Farm Beginnings series sets the stage for a profitable, sustainable farm business, for prospective and current farmers of all ages and backgrounds. Participants do not need to own land. Farm Beginnings® is geared towards anyone currently farming or interested in farming who wants to plan a profitable, sustainable farm business. Classes are led by experienced farmers, ranchers, and agricultural professionals.

FARRMS, Foundation for Agricultural and Rural Resource Management and Sustainability was founded in 2000 to address specific educational needs of organic producers and processors and to promote sustainable rural development in the Medina community of North Dakota and beyond. 

The original concept behind the development of FARRMS came from International Certification Services, Inc. (ICS) and its organic certification program, Farm Verified Organic. ICS saw the need for a separate organization to provide education to about organic agriculture and other sustainable concepts.