Whole-Farm Transition Consulting Package

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Whole-Farm Transition Consulting Package

from 1,999.00

The Whole-Farm Transition Package annual fee includes the following consulting assistance and facilitation, as described in consulting services:

  • Initial Consultation Visit
  • Holistic Context Facilitation and Defining Your Whole Under Management
  • Holistic Financial Planning
  • Holistic Grazing Planning, Open and Closed seasons
  • Ecological Monitoring
  • Control / Monitoring Data Reviews, monthly / 10 sessions

The base fee for a year of Whole-Farm Transition consulting is $24,999, payable in monthly, quarterly, or a single up-front payment. Pay by cash or check and receive a 5% discount; purchase the full-year up front by cash, check or wire transfer, and receive a 10% discount. 

Holistic Land Planning Facilitation and Savory Data Management Platform are recommended when client is ready, at additional cost.


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