Intro to Holistic Grazing & Ecological Monitoring


Intro to Holistic Grazing & Ecological Monitoring


Proper animal management is the cornerstone of any healthy ecology. This 1-day workshop provides an overview of how Holistic Planned Grazing and Ecological Monitoring work together. These two processes provide managers with the tools to properly manage animals for a healthy landscape and prosperous future.

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Topics covered will include:

  • Using Planned Grazing to ensure financial and ecological success
  • Integrating livestock and crop planning across your operation
  • When and why to carry out annual Ecological Monitoring
  • What is the land telling you? Key land health indicators

With Holistic Planned Grazing, we can skillfully manage the many factors that create complexity in any farm or ranch environment. With Ecological Monitoring, we can read the soil surface for the earliest clues about whether we are achieving our goals. Learn about both processes and how they work together. Also receive an introduction to the Savory Platform, a powerful online tool for recording, evaluating and comparing results over time.