Intro to Holistic Management


Intro to Holistic Management


This 1-day workshop covers the Foundations of Holistic Management and decision-making, and will get you started on your own Plan. Join us and learn how managers worldwide are planning for profit, increasing capacity, improving land health and attaining peace of mind.

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Topics covered will include:

  • Review of insights, tools and strategies of Holistic Management
  • The origin of Holistic Management and results managers experience worldwide
  • How to set Holistic goals and apply the Holistic decision-making framework
  • Examples of the Holistic Grazing, Financial and Land Plans in action

Start making decisions that lead you and your family operation in the direction you desire. We will get started on your Holistic Plan in this comprehensive overview of the insights, tools and processes of Holistic Management. Learn how global and ecological realities translate into day-to-day decisions you can make to improve your quality of life. We will also provide an introduction to the Savory Hub Network and your opportunity to be part of this global initiative to restore the world’s grasslands.