Careers in Holistic Management

As more organizations and individuals worldwide embark on paradigm change toward regenerative carbon farming and holistic decision-making, career opportunities are becoming more prevalent and diverse. Entrepreneurship grows naturally out of the paradigm, providing even more options. Training in Holistic Management provides you with tools to access opportunities, create your own paths to meaningful contribution and design your life of enduring returns.

Cost assistance may be available -- proceed directly to application to get started. To help a new farmer succeed with regenerative management, provide a scholarship for training and skills education.


Become an accredited professional

The Savory Institute offers several levels of accreditation in Holistic Management. Whether your educational focus or addition to a degree, accreditation opens doors to future management positions, consulting, teaching and more. All accreditations are based upon exit review by Savory Institute personnel and an annual fee. For more information about the accreditation process, see Savory.Global/network.

Savory Champions A new program for advocates of Holistic Management. It includes a foundations online course that will prepare you to speak with confidence. Or, you can complete an "Earth Champions" 3 e-course bundle.

Savory Professional Educator
Complete the full training curriculum through an accredited Hub like the Tallgrass Network, and become eligible to attain and maintain accreditation. All educational offerings by SI and its Hubs are provided by accredited personnel. 

Savory Field Professional
Requires achieving the level of Educator and gaining three years’ farm or ranching experience.

work study immersion experience

The path to apprenticeship and management training with our Hub starts with a 1- to 2-week visit, at cost to the candidate, for one-on-one instruction and feedback from an accredited professional. A work study at our Hub, or comparable experience at another Hub with a recommendation, is required to progress to the internship with the Tallgrass Network. Cost assistance may be available; please complete the application form for the internship and management training program, and tell us about your needs.

Read more on our blog about a Savory Hub work study experience.


Apply to work as an intern or apprentice

As opportunity grows for the day-to-day work and services needed to operate our Hub demonstration farms and member learning sites, we provide opportunities for interns. Our competitive internship program is structured to bring an individual up to workable skill level across most of the day-to-day needs of a working farm or ranch operation. Interns have the opportunity to gain and apply Holistic Management accreditation training, and explore enterprises to grow your own portfolio of skills, services and products that build a career.

As interns progress, they become eligible for the apprenticeship, a more advanced role that provides successful interns with the opportunity for more responsibility as they operate enterprises, start new enterprises, work closely with mentors in highly specialized farming disciplines, design their own entrepreneurial enterprises, and potentially work into management positions. 


For talented candidates interested in progressing toward a management role in your own operation, potential placement in management positions through the Tallgrass Network, or pairing with landowners in our Land Match program, application to this program is recommended. Application, utilizing the same form as for the internship, is free and lets us know your plans so we can help guide you toward the best opportunities that may come along with us and throughout the Savory Network. Cost assistance for the accreditation training and work study may be available, as we seek to ensure we are assisting in the development of as many managers as will be needed in the coming years.



USE holistic management in new settings

The Savory Institute is trialing a new approach for public policy, business and organizational application of Holistic Management. We are excited to implement HM in new settings as these processes are adapted to other settings! Please email if you are interested in learning more.


The Savory Global network offers opportunities to gain community facilitation training, travel with Savory Journeys to Hubs worldwide, travel with the Tallgrass Network to global events, and make other connections through our Hubs, including Work Studies, Internships and trainings. From time to time, we also bring special guests to our region, providing you with opportunities to network with global specialists. The best way to stay connected is through our Contacts page.