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Holistic Land Planning Workshop

  • Princeton, Kansas (map)

Create a long-term vision for your property and build the infrastructure that you will need for the future. We will help you create an infrastructure plan that supports Holistic tools such as grazing and animal impact. With a Holistic Land Plan in place, you can rest assured that every future dollar you spend is growing the resource base you need. 

This 2-day workshop provides you with the opportunity to learn the process of Holistic Land Planning and helps you prepare your own plan. To register and learn more, visit our Workshops registration page. Please register by Monday, Feb. 12. We will announce location near Princeton, Kansas, upon determination of planned attendance.

Topics covered will include:

  • Holistic decision-making strategies for your long-term investments
  • Planning for projected future herd size and grazing units 
  • Tips and ideas for finding the information that makes a Plan work
  • How creating a Holistic Land Plan integrates with Holistic Financial Planning to build wealth over the long-term

Create your long-term vision, start your Holistic Land Plan, and gain hands-on experience plus shared coaching with your Savory Professional Educator in this comprehensive course. Some additional work will be needed to complete the planning, but you will be well on your way upon completing the course. This is an accreditation-level course for the Savory Institute.